Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll love what the Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer has to offer. This system was built for gamers and offers exceptional graphics and speed. It’s powered with the latest processors and graphics solutions, putting you in the heart of the game like never before. With HD multimedia and options for media management, you can expect the crispest graphics that make each game a thrilling adventure. And as the games move along seamlessly, you can also enjoy the Predator’s built-in perks such as a great sounding audio card and wireless card that connects to wireless networks automatically.

Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer Specifications:

Average Price: $799.99
Item Height: 16.46 inches
Item Width: 17.19 inches
Processor Brand: Intel
Processor Type: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 2.8 hertz
RAM Size: 6 GB
Hard Drive Size: 1000 GB
Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce GT520 Graphics

What’s So Great About the Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer?
Gaming Power: This computer was built for gamers, so the features it offers are tailored toward online and PC gaming. Other computers lack in these departments, making the Acer Predator a true gaming system. And for the price, you can’t beat what you’re getting with this system, including an Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT520 Graphics Card. Of course, this Acer can also be used for other things so that you’re not just limited to gaming. The computer includes a copy of Windows 7, as well as other light programs that come pre-installed.

Quiet: The Acer Predator runs quietly, which is certainly an advantage for gamers. Instead of having to hear loud fans blowing, you can enjoy a whisper sound that won’t interfere with game play. Since the fans are so quiet, you can keep the tower just about anywhere, even on top of your desk. To ensure that the fans continue to blow quietly, you’ll want to clean the inside of the Predator. There are two large fans that can be wiped down and plenty of open space so that dust and debris won’t get trapped in small spaces. There are USB ports and card slots that face up and can catch a lot of dust, so if you’re not using them, take a small piece of tape to keep them covered.

Ergonomic: There’s no doubt that desktop computers offer more power than laptops, but they are also much heavier and bulkier than their lightweight counterparts. Don’t let these features deter you from the Acer Predator however, as you’ll find this computer to be very practical for a desktop. Since the USB ports are placed on top, they’re easy to locate and reach, plus there are handles on the backside of the machine. This makes it easy to move the computer around as needed. You can also enjoy a front easy-swap hard drive that adds to the Predator’s versatility. Not to mention, the computer looks great and won’t be a nuisance in your bedroom or office.

What’s Not So Great About the Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer?
Lack of Expansion Slots: The Acer Predator only comes with one full-size PCI-E x 16 slot. This may not be a problem at first, but it can prove to be one down the road. For example, there is a built-in sound card in the motherboard, but if you want to use a better sound system and the full-size PCI-E slot is taken up, you're out of luck. And if you’re ever left in a situation where the sound card dies or becomes defective, you’ll need the PCI-E slot dedicated to a sound card, which means there will be no place to put a video card.

Fortunately, many new soundcards on the market today don’t need that much bandwidth and can instead fit a PCI-E x 1 slot; the Predator features two of these mini slots. There may even be some adapters on the market where you can still get your heavy duty sound instead of relying on the built-in sound card.

Is the Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer a Great Purchase?
The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer combines the most stunning graphics, exceptional gaming power and a stylish design in one brilliant masterpiece. It includes high-end processors and media enhancement, making it an excellent purchase for the passionate gamer. If you want to maximize your gaming experience, the Predator is sure to make this happen. With the affordable price on this machine, anyone looking for a quality computer that offers stunning multimedia and graphics will love what the Predator has to offer. With a premium design, state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processors and graphics card, you can expect nothing short of perfection from the Predator, beside Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik.

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