New forensic audio professionals

Forensic audio restoration and enhancement
Forensic audio professionals (including technology and tools) to determine, when it comes to crime, the authenticity of the sound but also the civil action. During an audio - based forensic investigations, christened the results as evidence in criminal and civil cases, which are used to deal with some family and neighbor disputes, divorce, extortion and even industrial espionage.

Audio forensics is used in almost all cases where the phone or recording conversations, which are used in the process and that includes the joint analysis of video surveillance in the environment, particularly in disputes between employers and employees.

The roots of forensic audio
Before forensic audio is widely used in the world and law enforcement professional, this practice is mainly focused on the government of the United States . Linguistics expert in audio expert study can be used to break during World War II and the behavior of voters who analyze.

During World War II, a specialist uses a spectrograph with the frequency and amplitude of the action of voting. This practice is easier to identify.

Now the same methods that are used by the most advanced technology terrorist subjects reveal their location and a different sound when it was ready, along with other relevant factors.

Digging audio forensics
Feeling that the audio analysis don't just for the speech. Each submission must be carefully examined, audio files , because they are often evaluated by a forensic audio expert, relevant to the entire recording. Some factors are :
- Changes in voice frequency
- The sound of the recording equipment and other machines
- Background noise and artifacts Nature
- Artifacts Unnatural
- Signature break, as well as the start and end points

These are all important points as unnatural sound or inconsistencies comes the sound patterns that could mean, interested or if it's not true. There are also factors forensic audio specialists who have multiple speakers in meetings where taken Carry identification. The crossing of the sound to some of the factors contributing to the analysis :
- Step
- Breathe - the model
- Nasal resonance
- Formation of clinker

Audio forensics and law enforcement transcription
In many cases, not only to study the police and analyze recorded audio transcription services as well. Remember that only one audio recording forensic specialist is not sufficient in all cases. To be used as evidence of an official copy of the complete audio recording of assessment accepted needed.

It would be an incredible amount of work. Unlike other forms of transcription, where the only sounds you record, law enforcement transcription requires occasional noise and artifacts documented and transcribed. This also goes for voices, doors opening and closing, chairs scraping on the floor, hissing, sighing mixed, lip smacking, documents.

Each tone can have a look to take meeting or meetings that would not normally be handled by a trained ear. An interview the voice detection and discontinuity in other types of shots difficult, but not impossible for those who specialize in forensic audio.

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Jasa Pembuatan Website dan Toko Online Murah Terbaik

Jasa Pembuatan Website dan Toko Online
Jasa Pembuatan Website & Toko Online

Di era sekarang ini, invasi internet begitu merajalela, internet dapat dikonsumsi oleh berbagai kalangan dari mulai kaum muda sampai dengan orang dewasa. Berbagai bisnispun menjamur di internet, bisnis jual beli, dan termasuk jasa pembuatan website, jasa pembuatan toko online, jasa SEO dan jasa lainnya.

Dengan adanya perkembangan teknologi, internet lebih mudah diakses dari berbagai macam platform seperti komputer, tablet dan bahkan melalui smartphone. Kebutuhan akan website pun tak bisa dihindarkan lagi, selain melakukan bisnis secara offline dengan memiliki toko atau gerai usaha, sekarang bisnis sudah mulai merambah ke sektor bisnis online. Pengusaha atau UKM berlomba untuk memiliki website dan memasarkan produk mereka melalui situs website atau toko online.

Untuk mengantisipasi permintaan pembuatan website atau pembuatan toko online ini, banyak perusahaan jasa pembuatan website dan jasa pembuatan toko online saling berlomba menawarkan berbagai keunggulan yang dimilikinya, harga yang kompetitif, service yang ditawarkan. Akan tetapi sebagai pengusaha atau UKM yang memerlukan jasa pembuatan website atau jasa pembuatan toko online ini hendaknya lebih cermat dalam memilih jasa tersebut. Pengusaha atau UKM pastinya akan menemukan banyak sekali pilihan ketika mencari perusahaan jasa pembuatan website atau jasa pembuatan toko online di Google search engine.

Agar mendapat perusahaan jasa pembuatan website atau jasa pembuatan toko online seperti yang diharapkan, hendaknya para pengusaha atau UKM bisa melihat profil perusahaan jasa tersebut, portfolio, jasa dan support yang ditawarkan. Tidak hanya melihat atau bahkan mendengar persentasi dari perusahaan jasa pembuatan website atau jasa pembuatan toko online tersebut.

Perusahaan jasa pembuatan website dan jasa pembuatan toko online terbaik.

PT. Webkos Internet
Jl. Dewi Sri Lotus Building No. 9
Kuta - Bali Indonesia 80361
Phone. 0361 755 044 / 0361 757 658

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Design Responsive Web Design Melbourne

To create an attractive design for your website, you should focus on the following factors.

Designing for multiple platforms - not enough to make desktop and laptop users. You also need to make sure that your web site - and all the important aspects of it - in fact used regardless of device and browser to access your site to translate.

Imagine a flexible or adjust automatically - It's important to make strategic use of the images you take one of the hardest parts and integrate mobile provision. If you do not use images, you also have to make sure that is set to change the size and needs of cluster boundaries.

Label detail - the search engine robots can be more than a little confused when you drag around your mobile site. Content Design parameters can be compressed by the absence of a label with your phone, so the content of your site together. The reader should not confuse the man, but the search engine robots do not necessarily have the same sense of intuition, human readers. In general, it is best to protect their text labels carefully and safely run your search engine and use the appropriate position.

Routine inspection of the screen - but reacted design became more popular, they are still fairly new. Therefore, there are many distractions along the way refused. Very smooth it would be better if you check all the mobile version of your site to see if everything is working as it should be regular.

Why do I need a Responsive web design Melbourne?

Now is the keyword here. Because the statistics below, it is very important that you do. And exponentially at that - that you need for your web site as soon as possible if it is not, then the difference will only continue to grow between you and your competitors change.

A study of Mobi this year showed that about 1.2 million people who go online to the world of mobile devices. More importantly, after identifying 25% of this value as a mobile only internet.

A study by Morgan Stanley estimates that by 2010, after the mobile navigation to browse the internet in 2015.

Repetition of a prospective study in 2011 for the Microsoft search results of Morgan Stanley Tag. However, this study shows that mobile browsing is more prevalent than desktop search was in 2014.

Do what is right and what is now the best for your business and contact an expert to enjoy the benefits of the project to a sensitive web design site.

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Get Slim Thighs and Lose Weight!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss
In this specific article, I will review a couple of different exercises that may enable you to tone your thighs and burn up A great deal of kcalories (and fat) along the way. If you're thinking about getting sexy, toned legs you better stay for a few minutes!

Get Slim Thighs and Slim down

Rocket Squats
This exercise uses only your body weight. This is how you get it done:

Stand with feet a tad bit more than shoulder width apart. Perform a normal squat (remember to help keep your straight back straight and chin tucked in). When doing the squat, lower your self slowly. It will simply take about 3-4 seconds to make it to the best position.

When you're low enough where it is like you might be sitting in a chair (without the chair), explode upwards with your entire strength and attempt to jump as high that you can. Land softly and straight away do still another squat.

Do 3 sets of 10 with this specific exercise. Make sure you stretch before. Rocket squats must be done every single other day. Parts of your muscles will be needing time for you to recover as it is a pretty intense exercise.

Wall Sits
Here is the ultimate endurance drill for the legs. You will sit against a wall for many time intervals. Ensure that you get low enough where your thighs are parallel to the floor.

To begin I would suggest carrying out a pair of three 30 2nd intervals. You are able to increase or reduce steadily the intervals based on your overall level of fitness should you desire.

This exercise must be done for a passing fancy day while the rocket squats whilst having 1 day between work outs for muscle recovery.

These exercises will shed weight your thighs right away. Soon you'll have legs that even Jessica Simpson could be jealous of!

And remember... you wish to be having the MOST from your fat loss efforts unlike the MILLIONS who are not!

Research has PROVEN often times that the fat burning capacity Must certainly be running optimally to have solid results with fat loss.

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Swimmers Ear Home Remedy Symptoms, Relief and Prevention

Swimmers Ear Home Remedy
Often, swimmer's ear is straightforward detected, simple to prevent and simple to treat in mild form with natural swimmers ear home remedies. If necessary, people afflicted with swimmers' ear over long expanses of time, or with fever or sever pain or swelling should trip to a medical care professional. Over exposure the water and chronic swimmers' ear can cause narrowing of the ear canal and lots of serious dilemmas potentially affecting hearing.

The most popular apparent symptoms of swimmers ear are:
  • The absolute most frequent symptom is pain and an expression of wetness, or blockage of the ear. Pain could form gradually and acquire worse over or two days day or two. The pain often is worse in one single ear but can impact both ears simultaneously.
  • The ear canal can become itchy.
  • The outer ear can become visibly red, and in severe cases the ear canal may possibly swell and very nearly shut the canal.
  • Fluid may possibly discharge from the ear that's frequently foul smelling and mot imply water. Some fluid may possibly form a crust at the opening of the ear canal.
  • As a result of moisture or fluid buildup in the ear hearing might be affected hearing.
  • Dizziness, ringing in the ear (tinnitus) and vertigo might also develop.
  • Fever can occasionally occur and individuals with fevers or severe pain should consult well a doctor.
When to find Health care bills for Swimmers EarSeek health-related care straight away in these circumstances:
  • There was swelling of the ear and prominent redness.
  • The redness or swelling that extends down the neck or even to areas surrounding the ear.
  • Anyone has any signs of facial weakness or double vision.
  • Anyone feels dizzy.
  • The pain or vexation disrupts sleeping patterns.
  • Pain is severe and gets worse despite home treatment.
  • Anyone has diabetes or several other condition that produces home treatment ineffective

Do you know the Reasons for Swimmers Ear
The liner the ear canal and outer ear normally has an effective protect from disease from fungi and bacteria, that is enhanced because the skin lining is normally slightly acidic. The liner also offers a barrier that protects contrary to the ramifications of exorbitant moisture. However with prolonged contact with water the ear canal defenses will get inundated. Bacteria and fungi thrive in the moist and wet conditions and may infect your skin causing inflammation because the human body tries to fight the invasion. Any physical break in your skin lining cause by abrasion from cotton swabs along with other things used to attempt to dry the ear can offer a niche site for disease. Exorbitant water in the ear canal changes the acidic environment of the ear canal, and permits the invasion by fungi or bacteria or both. Surfers gets sand along with other debris in the ear which might cause abrasion. Chemicals such as for instance hair dyes, bleaches, and harsh shampoos could get in the ear canal and alter its protective properties. Disease develops ultimately causing swimmers ear.

Generally speaking, the inflammation is brought on by bacteria or fungus or both, which complicates the therapy as different chemicals such as for instance antibiotics have to treat these several types of organisms.

Swimmers Ear Home RemedySimilar to things prevention is greater than wanting to develop it once it is promoting into disease.
Keep your ears dry by utilizing ear plugs when swimming. Swim caps also help in keeping water out from the ears.

Dry your outer ear thoroughly after experience of moisture from swimming or bathing with a clean towel.
Have the water out after swimming, diving or surfing , nor let water sit in the ear or fill the ear canal cavity. Should you feel water in the ear canal after having a dive, shower or even a swim, decide to try shaking your face to dislodge the water. Turn you directly one side and jump along as this can usually release water in the ear, especially if it black the canal

Never insert your finger or any sharp or hard object in to your ear.

Put in a few drops of 1 of the many over-the-counter eardrops, such as for example Ear Magic, Aqua Ear or Swim Ear after swimming or water exposure. This might assist in preventing or remedy the issue for those who spend lots of time in the water. This can be a good technique for kids who could be reluctant to wear ear plugs

So long as you have a standard eardrum and ear canal you can even work with a homemade antiseptic remedy: In a little bottle, add equal levels of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol (or mentholated spirits). Then work with a clean dropper to include a couple of drops in each ear after diving bathing or swimming. The white vinegar kills the fungus and bacteria. The alcohol absorbs water and in addition helps kill fungus and bacteria. This might cause burning in the ear when there is severe disease that may require healthcare attention. The over-the-counter treatment drops are less harsh, but probably less effective.

Warm medicinal essential olive oil may be used to displace the water and frequently soothes an early on disease.

Mix several drops of white vinegar with water and put in a few drops of the perfect solution is to the affected ear, by using a dropper. Thats all for swimmers ear home remedy.

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Best Hangover Symptoms Cures

We all know what it feels like; Intense Nausea? Dizziness? Dehydrated? Fatigued? Hell, you're probably still even a little bit drunk! No matter, below is compiled to top 10 hangover symptoms cures that have been passed down through generations of alcoholics and party-goers to help alleviate the symptoms of a major hangover...

1. If you are not too drunk immediately before going to bed then drink one whole pint of fresh water. This will prevent your body from becoming dehydrated throughout the night and exacerbating your condition in the morning. Also you should follow this up with a pint of fresh water in the morning when you wake up. This will ensure that you are properly re-hydrated, thus alleviating the symptoms of drowsiness and nausea.

2. When you wake up, eat something! Your digestive system will have had to work hard releasing truckloads of enzymes to break down all of that alcohol that you consumed before it poisons you. By eating foods high in fat and sugar you will be replacing lost calories more efficiently and alleviate the symptoms of feeling drowsy and fatigued.

3. Isotonic drinks such as Lucozade have been suggested as a good hangover cure. This is due to the extremely high levels of glucose syrup (25%) ready to be used in cell respiration which will help breakdown high levels of alcohol in the blood and stomach. It will also help to rehydrate you.

4. Try and go for a walk or a jog. If you can manage it, get outside for a walk of a jog. The exercise will increase heart rate and breathing, which in turn will increase the volume of oxygen in the blood, speeding up metabolism and the breakdown of alcohol in the blood and digestive system.

5. Eat some fruit such as bananas or oranges. This will replace lost vitamins in your body and make you feel less fatigued. Toast also contains vitamin b6 and b12, alcohol inhibits the absorption of these vitamins so you will need to stock up on them to stop your hangover from intensifying. Supplemental vitamins are also a good idea if you have them, however, long term nervous damage can occur if taken too regularly. Tomatoes are high in vitamin c, which needs to be replenished after a heavy night.

6. Antacids such as alka seltzer can help to settle your stomach if you feel nauseous in the morning, however you should steer clear from painkillers as they can have adverse affects on the liver when mixed with alcohol

7. Have a fry up. The eggs and meat contain cysteine which is thought to be responsible for clearing toxins out of the body (i.e. all that alcohol you had). The fatty food will also contain lots of calories which will help drowsiness and fatigue.

8. If you really can't bare to go outside for some exercise then try to get some rest, this will conserve the energy that you have into breaking down the alcohol and may leave you feeling better when you wake up.

9. Have a shower which alternates hot and cold. There doesn't seem to be much science behind this, however it does seem to work so, if you're feeling brave give this a try.

10. This one is probably the most bizarre cure of them all but many people have sworn by it. The "Hair of the Dog"; drinking some alcohol in the morning is supposed to stop your digestive system working on the old alcohol and break down the new stuff. However this is only a short term cure as you will probably feel just as bad when you sober up from that shot of vodka you just necked.

Well thats it guys, you're on your own now, good luck...

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Meteor Hits Russia - Video

People head to work in Chelyabinsk heard what sounded like an explosion, saw a bright light and then felt the shock wave, according to a Reuters correspondent in the industrial city 1,500 km (950 miles) east of Moscow.

Amateur video showed an object speeding across the sky about 9:20 a.m. local time, just after sunrise, leaving a thick white contrail and an intense flash.

The fireball, travelling at a speed of 30 km (19 miles) per second according to Russian space agency Roscosmos, had blazed across the horizon, leaving a long white trail that could be seen as far as 200 km (125 miles) away.

Car alarms went off, thousands of windows shattered and mobile phone networks were disrupted. The Interior Ministry said the meteorite explosion, a very rare spectacle, also unleashed a sonic boom.

"I was driving to work, it was quite dark, but it suddenly became as bright as if it were day," said Viktor Prokofiev, 36, a resident of Yekaterinburg in the Urals Mountains.

"I felt like I was blinded by headlights."

The meteorite, which weighed about 10 metric tons and may have been made of iron, entered Earth's atmosphere and broke apart 30-50 km (19-31 miles) above ground, according to Russia's Academy of Sciences.

The energy released when it entered the Earth's atmosphere was equivalent to a few kilotonnes, the academy said, the power of a small atomic weapon exploding.

No deaths were reported but the Emergencies Ministry said 20,000 rescue and clean-up workers were sent to the region after President Vladimir Putin told Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov to ease the disruption and help the victims.

The Interior Ministry said about 1,200 people had been injured, at least 200 of them children, and most from shards of glass.

The early-morning blast and ensuing shock wave blew out windows on Chelyabinsk's central Lenin Street, buckled some shop fronts, rattled apartment buildings in the city center and blew out windows.

"I was standing at a bus stop, seeing off my girlfriend," said Andrei, a local resident who did not give his second name. "Then there was a flash and I saw a trail of smoke across the sky and felt a shock wave that smashed windows."

A wall and roof were badly damaged at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant but a spokeswoman said no environmental threat resulted.

One piece of meteorite broke through the ice the Cherbakul Lake near Chelyabinsk, leaving a hole several meters (yards) wide.

The region has long been a hub for the Russian military and defense industry, and it is often the site where artillery shells are decommissioned.

A local Emergencies Ministry official said meteorite storms were extremely rare and Friday's incident may have been connected with an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool that was due to pass Earth.

But an astronomer at Russia's Academy of Sciences, Sergei Barabanov, cast doubt on that report and the European Space Agency said its experts had confirmed there was no link.

The regional governor in Chelyabinsk said the meteorite shower had caused more than $30 million in damage, and the Emergencies Ministry said 300 buildings had been affected.

Despite warnings not to approach any unidentified objects, some enterprising locals were hoping to cash in.

"Selling meteorite that fell on Chelyabinsk!" one prospective seller, Vladimir, said on a popular Russian auction website. He attached a picture of a black piece of stone that on Friday afternoon was priced at 1,488 roubles ($49.46).

The Emergencies Ministry described Friday's events as a "meteorite shower in the form of fireballs" and said background radiation levels were normal. It urged residents not to panic.

The first footage was shot by car dashboard video cameras and soon went viral.

Russians also quickly made fun at the event on the Internet. A photo montage showed Putin riding the meteorite and Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovksy said in jest it was really a new weapon being tested by the United States.

Experts drew comparisons with an incident in 1908, when a meteorite is thought to have devastated an area of more than 2,000 sq km (1,250 miles) in Siberia, breaking windows as far as 200 km (125 miles) from the point of impact.

Simon Goodwin, an astrophysics expert from Britain's University of Sheffield, said that roughly 1,000 to 10,000 metric tons of material rained down from space towards the earth every day, but most burned up in the atmosphere.

"While events this big are rare, an impact that could cause damage and death could happen every century or so. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop impacts."

The meteorite struck just as an asteroid known as 2012 DA14, about 46 m in diameter, was due to pass closer to Earth - at a distance of 27,520 km (17,100 miles) - than any other known object of its size since scientists began routinely monitoring asteroids about 15 years ago.

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Bikini Pics Leaked by Chi Magazine

Chi Magazine - I'm sure it was a shock to find out that multiple magazines would be publishing photos of you pregnant in a blue bikini. But on the other hand, you and Prince William were strolling happily on a public beach on the Caribbean island of Mustique and were in plain view of plenty holidayers, many of whom were carrying cell phones and cameras because ... well, they were on vacation.

It's not surprising that someone snapped some photos and realizing the value of those pics, decided to sell them.

On one hand, it must be annoying because you feel like you can't just relax and be yourself with your husband on vacation.

On the other hand, you know that you are one of the most photographed women in the world and there are probably at least a billion people who are avidly interested in your pregnancy because they like and admire you.

Of course they are intensely interested in seeing your bump -- it's been a very long time since there has been an heir to the British throne, especially one who is HAPPILY married to a lovely, beautiful woman.

The photos that were snapped are harmless. You aren't topless -- YES, that was embarrassing and an invasion of privacy -- and they only showcase why you and Prince William are such great role models.

The pics, which show you frolicking in the ocean together and walking with your arms sweetly around each other, made it very clear to the world that you two are deeply in love with each other and are still ecstatic to be in each other's company, a year and a half after your fairytale wedding.

Even more -- how many heirs to the British throne have EVER been happily married? Most royal marriages were arranged and were not love matches. Even William's father, Prince Charles, and his beloved late mother, Princess Diana, were engineered into an arranged and extremely miserable marriage, which had tragic results.

So the fact that you two are obviously in love and happy to be together and extremely excited about your pregnancy makes you a modern role model couple.

You've also both broken the traditional "stiff upper lip," unemotional mold of British Royals. You publicly kiss and indulge in other PDA, even when on Royal tours to other countries on Royal business.

In this case, an eyewitness on the Mustique beach told Star magazine that William actually got down on his knees and kissed your baby bump on the beach.

No one in a million years could ever have imagined William's grandfather Philip EVER doing that , even in private with his wife, Queen Elizabeth!

Kate Middleton a role model because you're showing that a pregnant woman's body is perfectly beautiful.

You look fit, toned and healthy. Thank goodness you've clearly recovered from the acute morning sickness you were suffering from in December 2012.

You are comfortable with your body and proud to display your bare bump in public and of course in front of your husband. Not all women feel that good about themselves when they are pregnant... but they should.

Kate Middleton, you really shouldn't be bothered at all that your pregnant bikini photos have been published and will be seen by hundreds of millions of fans.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about and only lots to be proud of!

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How to Find Job Vacancies in Singapore

Job Vacancies in Singapore
A few years ago it was very difficult to find a job after the completion of a university degree or professional in Singapore. Today, it seems pretty simple. Is looking for a job vacancies in Singapore has become easier, you still have the modern means of learning to find suitable employment in the current scenario.

Sometimes people do not really have the opportunity to go through an interview conducted by a reputable company and find a job. He spent most of the time because the job seeker is not enough to qualify for an interview, but because they do not receive current information. After spending some time with an agency to acknowledge that he made a grave mistake to begin with, in relation to recruitment agencies, it is useless most of the time. This is a very common problem these days that people who have a job do not bother to check the credibility of the employment agencies. Especially when a candidate present at the interview, your chances increase of finding a job if the candidate is sent several recruitment professionals. However, this does not mean that if a candidate is not sent to interview each agency can not make a good impression on the employer. It is really important for employers to find the right person, at any price. Also, never let the hope of finding a suitable job vacancies in Singapore.

Secondly, we are all present on social networking sites, where we stay in touch with family and friends. Social networks can be a cat, as the most powerful tool for finding suitable employment. At the same time, we must not forget how your network is used to find a suitable job vacancies in Singapore. Be in touch with the people who were a few large companies have hired houses really make a big difference. However, if you have a job and network with people you want, you do not have the conversation without asking contacts to give a quick answer to your question, the position is filled the remaining time. Most candidates find their dream job through the network, but it is best to sit and wait for opportunities to knock on his door. Start by connecting to an employment agency in your area. Tell them what you want and ask for light employment gap. Also build your network by joining professional associations and participation in local events.

When faced with an interview, the first impression should be the best impression. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to capture the attention of the employer and show your experience, if you have an impressive resume. Therefore, the preparation of a curriculum vitae, qualifications and skills emphasizes help find a good paying job vacancies in Singapore. In addition, if you are looking for a job, you must be prepared for any eventuality. Also do not forget to fill in some keywords in your resume, as it will highlight your skills, if you send your resume on a job site.

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Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Home Remedies For Pink Eye
Pink Eye condition is medically known as conjunctivitis. And the disease can be treated effectively with the help of home remedies for pink eye. It is a common disease in which the mucous membrane of the eyelid and external eye becomes inflamed because the eyes are red. In addition, many people are aware of this problem as an issue that is very serious, but the reality is that pink eye is not a cause of concern for many, and can be cured completely with the help of home remedies for pink eye. Infected people only reduced eye rather than trying to treat.

There are several reasons, because they may suffer from this problem. The most common reason for conjunctivitis is bacterial or viral infections and some allergies can also cause this problem. In this state, which is a bacterial infection of the fluid that comes out heavy forms ocular mucous membranes and Home Remedies for Pink Eye can effectively treat a flow of mucus. In addition, discharge conditions are relatively less mucosal infection. Furthermore, in both eyes, blush allergic conditions, discharge of tear fluid and mucous membranes instead. Moreover, under conditions of viral infection antibiotics will not work because the virus is immune to them, when they are not as fun as when you can not rely on drugs, home remedies for pink eye can lend a hand. In addition, natural remedies home treatment are free of any side effects as drugs. There are several home remedies for pink eye mentioned before the problem quickly.

1. Indian gooseberry is best to treat the problem effectively. This drug is very simple, just press a reasonable amount of fruit juice and honey mixed with it. This plant should be taken three times a day to solve the problem quickly.

2. Cilantro magic medicine. Only valid dried cilantro on top of the affected eye. Cilantro function as a refrigerant that will relieve eye.

3. Coriander seeds are also effective cooling to the eyes. Soak some coriander seeds and rinse eyes. This medication should be used several times a day.

4. It is important to increase the intake of vitamin A. Including dairy products, mangoes and tomatoes in the diet to solve the problem quickly.

There are some precautions that help home remedies for pink eye work more efficient. When you have this problem, it is important to avoid watching television and computers for a long time. Furthermore, no swimming but requires, it is important to use a good glasses to prevent water from entering the eye as chlorine in the pool water increases the problem. It is also important to wash your eyes with clean water once a day. Furthermore, increase fluid intake during the day. Also, people should avoid rubbing the eyes, which can increase the intensity of the problem. When the treatment and prevention of home remedy for pink eye  are associated with a full recovery.

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