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V for Victory - You are the Resistance!

You are resistance, you are the resistance, is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler, is kevjumba a virgin, is kevjumba. Today the Resistance “V’s” appeared all over the country.  Here the V stands for Victory. Clearly, V is meant for Victory campaign a mark of defiance against Homeland Security’s takeover of society. The V campaign meant ordinary people could feel they were doing something, however symbolic, to protest against the Occupation.

The British radio has called on people to write V for victory everywhere and they are all over the place, even on shop fronts. They are also written on blackboards, on tables everywhere. The people also wearing a new badge: a V made with two crossed pins and worn on the lapel. Everywhere I am seeing the people wearing these badges.

America is in threaten, the United States is being occupied as Homeland Security launches a total takeover of society and attempts to instruct an army of citizen spies as the country accelerates its slide into banana republic despotism. Americans who can see what is unfolding feel helpless, powerless and overawed by the clear evisceration of their freedoms. The time has come for a massive campaign of powerful, symbolic, peaceful resistance.

It’s all about fighting back against the psychological warfare we are now being subjected to by our new would-be slavemasters. They like to remind us that they’re our bosses with their signs – report suspicious activity posters and video messages at Wal-Mart checkouts – terrorism tip line billboards – Homeland Security posters telling. Americans where they can and can’t park their car – using symbols, slogans and messages to herd the sheep and elicit their obedience is obviously a very important component of any authoritarian regime – so why not fight back with our own symbols, slogans and messages?

So this is a V campaign that everyone who wants to put on record their opposition to this tyranny can become involved with – the added incentive of cash prizes adds the element of competition and also increases media coverage.

For me, the letter ‘V’ brings to mind several things, and usually it is not Nixon’s winged V while boarding the Air-Force One helicopter or the hippie peace signal.  More often than not the images brought to mind are from Thomas Pynchon’s novel “V” and Alan Moore’s fantastic graphic novel “V for Vendetta.” Incidentally, Moore was particularly influenced by the novel “V” when crafting his Guy Fawkes-masked rebel.

What is it about the letter ‘V,’ though, that inspires the human imagination in underground movements and subversive activities?
You are resistance, you are the resistance, is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler, is kevjumba a virgin, is kevjumba.

Well, in the Middle Ages it was the “archer’s salute,” which they held aloft and palm outward to identify friendlies.  It later became a symbolic hand gesture with palm inward to signal “fuck off” or “fuck you.”  I’ve also seen it employed in an up and down gesture to signal anal penetration (on “Little Britain,” to be exact).

‘V’ also shows up from time to time in photographs as the rabbit ears behind a friend or family member’s head, or to signal that one person is watching another.

So where did the current V for Victory Campaign acquire the symbol?

During World War II, Victor Auguste de Laveleye, former Belgian minister of Justice and director of the Belgian French-speaking broadcasts on the BBC, suggested that the Allies use the letter ‘V’ as a symbol in a psychological warfare campaign against the Nazis.  Laveleye said in the broadcast:

    “[T]he occupier, by seeing this sign, always the same, infinitely repeated, [would] understand that he is surrounded, encircled by an immense crowd of citizens eagerly awaiting his first moment of weakness, watching for his first failure.”

The ‘V’ symbol starts popping up all over France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and was later adapted by Churchill in a campaign that involved using an audible ‘V’ with Morse Code, by using the first four notes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  It was used as the call sign by the BBC in their broadcasts across occupied Europe during the rest of WWII.  Recall that the first four notes of the 5th symphony were meant to represent fate knocking at one’s door.  Isn’t psychological warfare fantastic?

Aleister Crowley claimed to have given the V-sign to Churchill, which he said he’d been using since at least 1913.  Crowley, who was also a British spy, said he used the V-sign in order to negate the magical potential of the Nazi’s use of the Swastika, itself a symbol of the Eastern religions.  Crowley is great — read up on him immediately.
You are resistance, you are the resistance, is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler, is kevjumba a virgin, is kevjumba.

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