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HypnoLangsing? Can you be hypnotized to be slim? I bet that’s the question running through your mind right now when reading the title of this post right? Well I’m going to tell you the answer to that in a while, I promise. Just read on.

I first heard about HypnoLangsing from a friend about a year ago. She explained to me what it was all about, but I guess at that time I still thought that I would be able lose weight anytime I want (boy was I wrong), so I didn’t really pay attention. And then, about a month ago, FD forum member, Dewdew, was talking about HypnoLangsing on  Twitter and how she had successfully lost some weight with this program. This time, it got my attention because I had been struggling with weight gain that I can’t seem to shake. (More on that later) So I decided to google it and did some reading.

First of all, let me try to make it clear to you that the hypnosis we’re talking about here, isn’t the same one you see on TV where you see people being put to sleep, the hypnotist, clad in black, told them that they’ll be a cow when they wake up, click his fingers and the guy wake up saying “Moo!”. That is called stage hypnosis and it has nothing to do with this program. It also doesn’t involve any esotericism, mystical things, prayers, etc.

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis you will feel very relaxed, just like that wonderful feeling when you are tired lying in your bed and you are so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment could last forever. When you are relaxed and calm, you can receive positive suggestions more easily. Hypnosis can be used to help you overcome some issues with your life that  you want to change, like being overweight, cigarette addictions, stress, insomnia, phobias and many more, and it’s called Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a two way process between the therapist and the client, a professional partnership. A person cannot be hypnotised unless he or she agrees and co-operates – this cannot be stressed enough. Also whilst hypnotised, nobody can make you do anything which you do not want to do.

Now about HypnoLangsing. What is it and how does it work?

Despite what you might think, HypnoLangsing doesn’t involve being hypnotized and wake up not wanting to order that cheesecake ever again (it would be great if it worked that way, wouldn’t it? :D ) HypnoLangsing is a weight-loss program using hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP). It provides you an insight of what it is that makes you gain weight, and having trouble losing it, and shows you the ways get rid of the habits that’s causing the aforementioned condition. How? By identifying and performing an “installation” on your subconscious, so you can lose the habit of overeating, emotional eating and also so you can be more motivated to move and exercise.

Through HypnoLangsing, you can achieve the following conditions:

    * Stop binging on food and being obsessed with food
    * Stop emotional eating
    * Increase your metabolism
    * Have motivation to get active and exercise more
    * Feel good about yourself

HypnoLangsing recognizes my problems and tell me how to overcome them. They have 5 very simple rules that everyone can follow:
  1. Eat when you’re hungry – physically hungry, not emotionally hungry (you know, the urge to eat when you’re sad, stressed out, tired or simply bored)
  2. Eat whatever you want – possibly the best rule of all :D
  3. Eat consciously- really enjoys every mouthful, chew them slowly, relish the sensation, and not be distracted by TV, books, work etc.
  4. Stop at “neutral” – that’s a state when you’re no longer hungry but not full either.
  5. Get moving – walk, dance, play with your kids, whatever fun activities you can think of that get your body to move and burn some fat!
Simple right? But of course, installing these new habits when you’ve been spending almost all your life not doing any of those can be challenging, which is why we need to learn more about it, especially the hypnosis part.

HypnoLangsing was founded by Ir. Nunny H. Budialenggana (you’ll never guess her age, she looks fantastic!) and Juli Triharto, CHt, CI, who is a Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor, Certified Communication Specialist and Licensed NLP Practitioner.

They released the book ‘The Secret of Slimming – HypnoLangsing’ a few months ago, published by Gramedia, and it is a great way to start familiarizing yourself with this program. But if you want to learn even more, they have group therapy, usually held in FX Lifestyle X’nter, where you meet with Mbak Nunny and Mas Juli in person in a 3 x 3 hours of group session. You can find out more about this group therapy, and other info regarding HypnoLangsing, in their website.

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