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Cungkok Business in Jakarta, a Month Rp40 Billion Flows to China

Most of the cungkok operating in Jakarta came from Fujian, one of the most minus province in China. In this area, there are still many families who considered not a serious matter when any of their daughters work as 'workers', which is important to bring the benefits (money). With thousands cungkok spread almost all over the world, of course, generate large foreign exchange for the people of China. They're not only in Jakarta, also spread to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, European countries, and even in Africa. Sources said journalists in nightclubs.

Source journalists, said one cungkok in Jakarta, capable of producing tens of millions of money per month. This calculation is based on a date once tariffs Rp1, 5 million, but last night could serve three or four guests. No wonder, if one cungkok can send money to his family in China around Rp 10 million per month. If the correct information that mentions the number cungkok across Indonesia to reach 4000 people, mean foreign exchange into the country the Bamboo Curtain was about Rp 40 billion per month. This is new from Indonesia. Not to mention the the business Esek-esek cungkok in other countries.

Figures for 4000 cungkok girls who work as 'workers' in Indonesia are believed to import close to the truth. This can be seen from almost all nightclubs in West Jakarta and North Jakarta, to provide their service. In some places, their numbers even more than the local comfort women.

Sources at the immigration office said the number of women of China passport holders who enter Indonesia legally, for an average of 1500 people a month. Almost all of them using a tourist visa, with pocketing stay in Indonesia for three months. This figure further strengthen the approximate truth cungkok 4000 is currently scattered in places of entertainment tonight. Of that amount, most are in Jakarta.

A top class entertainment places at Jalan Gatot Subroto now supposedly not lost any of their actions cungkok. Yet according to sources there, six months ago the place was just filled with the workers of European origin, such as from Uzbekhistan, Russia and Portugal.

Journalists who met someone named former hubby cungkok ATP (not her real name) on one of the nightclubs, get a lot of input about the existence and lunge the cungkok football. In particular, by their pimps sent to Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Medan. A month, they were rotated in such a new items, he said.
International syndicates.

According to ATP, the phenomenon of foreign 'workers' as cungkok, Uzbeks and others not stated due to intense competition in the entertainment business that night. Since the first jualbeli sexual desires so easy option to dredge a profit, even if illegal. According to ex-hubby over the age of 50 years, it's no secret the presence of 'workers' were imported in a place of entertainment, also determines the height of the visitors and fans of nightlife.

Wrestle nightclubs since 1985, the ATP said, the presence of foreign the workers have existed since the 1990s. Their presence was disguised as a singer or dancer. The nightclub owner is always present in the form of grain plus dancers and singers from mainland China. Besides singing and dancing at the time, they have also identified a side job to serve male sexual appetite. Today, such pseudonym is not the model anymore. They openly displayed as a giver of love for a moment.

The presence of cungkok not be separated from the agents who have a network in a number of other countries such as Malaysia, China, Singapore, and Europe. These syndicates take advantage of the gap, all documents such as visas arranged by the code 451, as a singer or musician to make it easier to escape into Indonesia. Once in place of evening entertainment, no more envelope-envelope kind of thing.

The profitability of this business is very lucrative import 'workers'. By a simple calculation of a rate to once dating Cungkok USD 1.5 million and if it can be three guests, means making money USD 4, 5 million. Only, they are entitled to only 30 percent. The rest is divided between the agent and nightlife entrepreneur. â € œBayangkan if employers have 20 cungkok entertainment, how they make a profit. Surely dozens to tens of million rupiah a night, ATP said.

Among fellow the workers imported class, cungkok lower tariffs. The women of Thailand, Vietnam, pegged rate of $ 2 million to USD 2.5 million. While women Uzbekhistan, Russia, Portugal between USD 3 million to USD 3.5 million. Though these prices are for short-time dating.

Another source said the woman's physical form and service cungkok considered more attractive. Their skin is white, smooth, clean with no spots, plus lovemaking techniques give the sensation of pleasure for a date. According to him, impossible not to know this kind of business immigration officials, police and local government. Sudah no secret of all regulated by a professional networking between countries. But there seems impenetrable wall to reveal these syndicates, â €? a man who asked for his identity is disguised.

Number of foreign 'workers' who make a living, with the guise of tourist visa (tourist), indicating the seriousness of the authorities have taken no action against employers nightlife.

The Story
Really cungkok cungkok found in night clubs the city area of his life cheery as they look at each club? Smooth skin, beautiful face, apparently originating from underdeveloped villages in China.

Background There hobbled their lives because of abuse of economic problems. And cungkok not always be asked out, there are also straight. How their lives outside the club? Dikontrakannya how their lives?

Collection of hunter man nightlife plus-plus, that night came to a huge club in the City, West Jakarta. Seven of them, all male descendants of China. Age range from 30 or more yearly.

In talks between them, caught that they were talking about cungkok. Essentially thrash cungkok charm, and now they are 'chasing' time-I do not how they 'hunt'. Because the conversation was also captured, each exchange of experiences on a date with cungkok in previous weeks.

Cungkok's charm for most guests who menyambangi hedonists who provide cungkok. They are generally white, that's for sure. Average body tall, and his body was OK really, understand their average is still very young.

Makeup does not fail with the movie stars Hong Kong, Korea or Taiwan. Fragrant. And they are always very scantily clad, not rare even in a club cungkok wearing only a swimsuit, with a scarf wound around his waist just short. Guest clubs which do not be tempted to see them in front sliweran while occasionally looking naughty and teasing to a guest?

Is it true that the cungkok beautiful as their appearance? Sewangi scent of their bodies? Apparently not. According to a coordinator cungkok in Jakarta, people who habitually maintains cungkok started coming from the airport to be given lodging, cungkok-cungkok not as beautiful as her appearance. "They were sloppy, and difficult to control," said the coordinator, call Roni-male offspring aged 40 years, the origin of Tangerang.

Advanced Roni, there is some cungkok smart because they have previously been located in countries outside the country prior to Indonesia. But the CTL (cungkok Slapshot) who directly come to Indonesia, like making water holes clogged bathroom. "They'd say, if disposable shampoo sachets, do not be thrown into the water hole, but still they stubbornly. Tip - tip clogged the water hole, "said Roni.

That's because they come from a background of poverty, so much of modern devices. In Jakarta they are usually placed disebuah rented house-yack fellow cungkok. Is not far from the city, Pluit, Grogol. Their area of operations is understandable in these regions.

There also are placed in apartments. And living in an apartment, get them something completely new. "At first, they must be helped to open the elevator.

Have not talked apartment high-tech equipment, such as bathtub, shower, rice cookers, blenders, must be taught intensively. There used to be cungkok which scalded his hands from the tub, knotty, deh, the problem. What is clear he could not work due to loss during the hand hurt, "said Roni.

Roni who has much experience teaching cungkok, and more or less able to communicate with cungkok, on the other side telling me, "If a chance to talk with them in leisure time, they were actually suffering. They complained about the situation themselves, who must fly into a foreign land, working like that. Poor thing, you know, "said Roni.

When asked, how their incomes, Roni could not answer. "Well, I do not know. I only take care of it, "said the father of two children this.

POPULAR compiled according to sources, the cungkok once received guests receive Rp.300 thousand in net income. That has cut the cost of rent, the money room, they bring in funds, to buy clothes. Small amount, considering that they each receive guests appreciated Rp.1.400.000, - a very high price for the size of women peddlers City night club.

For the adventurous appetite hedonists, the high price that must be paid to enjoy cungkok body is nothing surprising anymore. Ever since their presence in the business arena hedonist, especially in Jakarta, about four years ago, the rate decreased relative cungkok.

Nevertheless, it does not go down cungkok quality. In fact, in quantity, the audience just got much choice. Not only are their numbers are growing, spreading even more widely. Today in Jakarta alone more and more clubs are hedonists who sell their services.

Type of profession that was involved this cungkok began to vary, not merely as the satisfiers purbawi mere lust. Appetite satisfiers profession outside the last imported is as therapist or masseur in a number of fitness centers or spas. Completing the profession as a singer and dancer who also was not as blatant lust satisfied.

Interestingly, especially cungkok worked as a therapist, apparently not all of them behave hedonists. Cungkok really doing its job in accordance with the type of work and fairness. Is Dedi and Edu, said close friend call me two fellow adventurers this hedonist with this title, are both experiencing the events that made them as if in disbelief. Between going mad, disappointed, upset and frustrated.

It began on an evening after meeting with clients in areas Ancol. Two chum, has decided to relax at a spa is located in an area renowned shopping center not far from Ancol.

After a vehicle parked in the parking basement, both directly to the elevator that delivers them to the floor where the spa is located. In the elevator had been a conversation about a number of 'numbers pretty' with a security. That is certainly the number as a marker of women therapists are on duty there. The term 'beautiful number' is a designation for those who can give good service, both locally and cungkok women. It is unclear exactly where the security is to know the advantages of a therapist.

To be sure, in a brief conversation that he had called several numbers for cungkok and local women. Dedi's just that when asked about the service is good, the security is simply saying, "Just top deh boss", gesturing asked for a cigarette. Unfortunately, when Edu want to clarify, they have reached the floor in question and should be out soon.

Armed with information on the number provided security in the elevator, entrepreneurs in the field of printing is finally trying tested benefits. It's just from a few numbers cungkok mentioned only three of them remember.

Unfortunately, these three numbers are cungkok owner had just 'ride', a term that indicates they are serving guests. Finally, both are just trying to pick their own numbers available after the reception and asked for recommendations to the GRO.

"Let alone get an extra service, it actually prohibits therapists cungkok I took off all clothes. Indeed, massage makes the body feel better, but we're looking not just that, right? "Whiskers Dedi upset.

"My therapist, too, finally I'm asking instead of the other. What I want to be, "said Edu.

STRAIGHT. Experience these two companions may be able to open the eyes of the customer spa. It turns out that not all therapists want to do an activity from China scented hedonists.

Mercy. One of the crucial factors that make cungkok famous and so popular was because of his service. They are known by a very satisfactory service. The Travel Patterns Cungkok. Entertainer originally from China, aka cungkok slavery white background. Generally taken from the region of minus like Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou.

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nice information guys

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Correct information has gotten here. I know that nowadays, entertainment is not only the way of letting other people happy but as a side job, they openly displayed as a giver of love for a moment.

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nice posting info, just wondering if we can found spa with japanese girls in jakarta?

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