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Another Adult Forum Dictionary - Acronym

 Another Adult Forum Dictionary - Acronym

AIRCON : BBBJ + Hacks (the mints sweet). Scenario: When the maseuse ask,"want aircon?" n if yes, she pop one hacks sweet into her mouth and start blowing.
Ang Mo : Hokkien word. Means caucasian
Ang Pai : Hokkien word. Famous, acclaim, well known.
ASAP : "As-Soon-As-Possible". Not a S*x wording.
AR : Ass Rim (NEW)
Bf : Boy friend not Big Fu*k
BGR : Boy-Girl-Relationship
BJ : Blow job
BBBJ : Bare back (barrel) blow job (i.e. no condom)
BBBBBJ : Body bath bare back (barrel) blow job
BS : Body Scrub (NEW)
BL : Body Lick (NEW)
BTW : "By-The-Way". Not a S*x wording.
Chio Bu : Hokkien word. "Chio" pretty/beautiful. "Bu" female.
Cheong (Cheong): Hokkien word. Originally means Charge. Used as going out for some happening stuff.
CFM : "Come Fu*k Me". Usually refer to the look of a person.
CIM : Come-In-Mouth for blow job
CBJ - Condom Blow Job
COB - Cum on Breast
COF - Cum on Face
Cum : Short form for "Come". Also means ejaculation of body fluid (e.g. sperm)
DS : "Dog Style"
EMA : Extra-Marital-Affairs. Affairs after marriage. (NEW)
FJ : Fu*k job
FL : Freelance whore
Gf : Girl friend
GND : "Girl-Next-Door". Common / Normal but decent look of a girl.
GFE : Girlfriend Experience
GT : Gong Tao (Hokkien - black magic)
HJ : Hand job (i.e. masturbation)
IMHO : "In-My-Humble-Opinion". Not a S*x wording.
Lao Jiao : Hokkien word. "Lao" Old, "Jiao" Bird
LOS : Land Of Smiles (Thailand)
LSB : Lap Sup Bar (low class bar)
OKT : "Or-Kui-Tao". Pimp
OMFIAMP: "One-Man's-Food-Is-Another-Man's-Posion". New forum word, pronouns as "Ohm-Fam"
ONS : "One-Night-Stand"
OVN - Overnight
Papaya Farm - Mook Kua Yuen (Cantonese) means whore house/ayam farm
PCC : Pak Chiu Cheng - directly translated it means "Fire hand gun" - a hokkien term for Masturbation
PCN : Pui Chao Nua (which means "lousy service!")
PRC - People's Republic Of China
PDMM : Pei Du Ma Ma : PRC study mama - Mothers from Commie China that are in Singapore to supposedly look after their Children who are studying in the country. However, many of them provide S*xual services to earn some money on the side.
RAW : "Doing it without a condom".
RTF : Return to Fu*k
SOP : "Standard-Operating-Procedure". The "O" can also refer to "Orgasm". The word "SOP" is usually used in HC field rpt.
SYT : Sweet Young Thing
Tarma : Threesome!
TCSS : Talk Co*k Sing Song (which we all do, once a while)
Tirak : Regular Girl
Tua Ki : Hokkien word. "Tua" Big. "Ki" Stick. Means Big Dick. Sometimes refer to big Fu*k also.
Tua Pai : Hokkien word. Same as "Ang Pai" but more with an attitude (i.e. arrogant)
TN Shop : Tui Na : a form of Chinese manipulative therapy that is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbalism and qigong. TN Shops are SUPPOSED to provide these services. However, being the crooks that they are, these PRC operated joints in Singapore are nothing more than Fu*k Shops! That's "Asian Values" for you.
WIR : Would I Recommend
WOA : Word Of Advice. e.g: WOA - Don't ask ppl 2 share when u offer nothin in return.
WTF : What the Fu*k
WL : Working Lady
Za Bor : Hokkien word. Female. Also written as "Char Bor"
Zao Kng : Hokkien word. Unaware exposure of undies/undergarment.

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