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How to Quickly and Easily Get “.edu” Backlinks Now

This report is going to tell you exactly how to build as many .edu backlinks as you want. It's not hard, you just need to know how to get the job done.

As you probably know, these kinds of backlinks are highly desirable and there is some evidence that Google provides extra Pagerank boost to sites with .edu backlinks.

There's not going to be a single ounce of fluff in this report, so let's get started.

Tip #1: It's all about blogs
Many colleges and universities encourage professors and students to blog, which gives you plenty of .edu opportunities.
This is the foundation of all other tips. Even if you knew about getting links from college and
university blogs, there are still many valuable tips in this report. You need to keep reading.

So, how do you get backlinks? Simple. You just need to post a comment on a college or university blog and the backlink is created. Voila!
Note: Even if you know that .edu links can be generated from college and university blogs, there is one major problem:
Finding these blogs!

Even if you can find a list of college blogs, for example, there is still the problem of finding ones that actually work for you, again and again.

I'm going to make this VERY clear in the next few pages. I'm going to show you how I generate
tons of free .edu backlinks using college and university blogs.

FIRST: Keep in mind as you find college and university blogs, that you really ought to post highly relevant comments. Go out of your way to provide value when you post comments, or your comments will get killed.
SECOND: Do not post the same exact comments on every single blog. You want to avoid “blog spam” as you generate your links. If you're not adding value and your comments are not unique enough, you run the risk of getting banned by Google.

THIRD: Some people might feel that these tactics are “black hat” or “gray hat” search engine optimization (SEO) but our position is that if you are providing
value, there's no reason that you shouldn't enjoy links from .edu sites.

Tip #2: Finding the right blogs
It isn't enough to know about college and university blogs. You need a weapon to find the right blogs under the right circumstances.

The weapon of choice is definitely Google. You just need to know how to manipulate the search engine with the right input, and you'll get the output you want.
Here are the first two secrets:
site: inurl:

So, your search query should start like this: inurl:blog
This tells Google to return a list of results that includes .edu sites that have blogs. Last I counted, this will result in about 842,000 results. Here's a small glimpse of what you'll get with the search above:

Tip #3: Even More Focus

You want the “sweet” .edu blogs. Ones that don't cause you any pain or grief. Don't do any work until you know you're going to strike gold.
Right now, your search query looks like this: inurl:blog

This is good, but it isn't great. You want to narrow down your search to only those blogs that allow you to comment on them.
There are plenty of closed blogs, i.e., blogs that are on .edu sites but you cannot post. These are a waste of your time. So, you need to adjust your search query to look like this: inurl:blog “post a comment”
This will drop your results down to 400-500K, depending on the day you search. I don't know why it fluctuates, but it does. In any event, that's still 400-500K blogs available to you.

Are you ready to rock and roll? Nope.

Tip #4: Garbage Removal

You still need more focus. To do that, you have to remove more garbage. You need to eliminate blogs that force you to log in. You need to ignore blogs where you cannot comment.
At this point, you've narrowed your search using the following search parameters: inurl:blog “post a comment”

The problem is that many blogs are not open to comments (i.e., they're closed). So, you need to add another parameter.

You need to add a subtraction parameter to eliminate blogs that are closed to comments:

-"comments closed"

So, as you can see, you are subtracting blogs where comments are closed by using the minus sign as well as the “comments closed” text.

But, you're not done! You also want to remove search results where the blog forces you to register and log in. Do you have time to create an account and log in just to leave a good comment on a blog? No way! So, you need to add another subtracting parameter.

-"you must be logged in”

When you do this, you filter out blogs that require you to register. This doesn't always work, but it is very effective.

Tip #5: Special Sauce, Please

You've got just the blogs you care about, but now it's time for one last trick: finding the right blogs for your niche.

Here's the (almost) final result: inurl:blog “post a comment” -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in”
We use this trick all the time to find outstanding .edu blogs. We then post high quality comments and we get excellent backlinks.

We also get good traffic from .edu blogs when we post high quality comments. So, if you make the investment, you will get good backlinks (i.e., Google Pagerank boost) but also direct traffic from smart, interested readers on your topic.

That leads me to the next point. You can add another word or two to your search to get exactly the right blog. For example, just add “weight loss” to the search string and you'll find .edu blogs that are openly discussing the topic, where you can post your comments and get excellent backlinks. Result: inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "weight loss"

Tip #6: Google Toolbar

If you're looking to rapidly fill out blog comments, give Google Toolbar a try.

You can rapidly update Google Toolbar with your name, email address and web site URL. Then, you can focus on your comments on the blog. If you're trying to whip through a bunch of blogs then Google Toolbar can help you work magic.

It is important to post quality comments. If you don't you'll get them deleted. Also, remember that there is value in the traffic from the links alone. There's more to consider than just backlinks.

Bonus: You can quickly determine the Pagerank of the blog using Google Toolbar. This is pretty obvious but it will help you decide if your postings is worth the effort or not.

Tip #7: Notepad (Cut-N-Paste)

When you want to post the same material to many blogs, why not just use a little cut and paste? Write up a really good (general) blog posting on a topic related to your niche in Notepad. Save it.

You can do the searching using the tips above and then you can simple cut and paste your responses into those blogs. Combine this with the Google Toolbar technique and you can easily crank out 10-15 high quality blog postings in an hour. It works.

Although you are using cut and paste, you'll want to make each posting from blog to blog unique. You want to use cut and paste to streamline the process, not automate it 100%. You want to avoid getting blacklisted by Google!

-- -- -- -- --

That's it. You're ready to rock and roll.

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